Episode 4: Pari Berk (Colon Cancer at 43)

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Pari Berk is an personal essayist, lawyer and mother of two children. She is currently finishing her memoir, The Meatpacker’s Daughter while undergoing chemotherapy for recurrent colon cancer. In this episode, we discuss how she first knew something was wrong while working out at Orangetheory Fitness, her initial colon cancer treatment and subsequent recurrence, and how in the midst of her treatment, she decided to do something for herself by using her maiden name again. March 1st also begins National Colon Cancer Awareness Month. This year’s campaign from the Colorectal Cancer Alliance is “Don’t Assume.” Don’t assume you’re too young for colorectal cancer. Don’t assume you’re alone. Don’t assume we can’t beat colorectal cancer.

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What we mention on this episode:

Myself, By Any Other Name (New York Times article)

Moving into my mother’s basement helped my kids — and helped save my life (Washington Post article)

Blue Hope Nation | Colorectal Cancer Alliance


Financial Toxicity and Cancer Treatment

American Cancer Society Updates Colorectal Cancer Screening Guideline

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