153. Q&A with Dr. Teplinsky

On today’s episode, I am answering your questions! Here is what we cover:

1. Dairy and breast cancer risk (1:25)
2. Risk of cancer with breast implants (3:57)
3. Coping with giving bad news/losing a patient (5:55)
4. Ovarian function suppression in premenopausal HR+ breast cancer and survival impact (7:52)
5. Can cancer grade change from biopsy to surgery? (13:40)
6. How to cope with potential new symptoms and not developing anxiety (14:30)
7. CDK 4/6 inhibitors in early stage hormone receptor positive/HER2-negative breast cancer (18:55)
8. KEYNOTE 522 study updates and capecitabine for early stage triple negative breast cancer (24:20)
9. Do benign breast biopsies increase breast cancer risk? (33:45)
10. Healthy habit management when you are busy (35:20)

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