Episode 3: Ingrid Kolstoe (Low Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer at 41)

“You get that diagnosis and it is just the beginning. There is a lot of science out there that is really going to be on your side. But you’ve got to have the information.” – Ingrid Kolstoe

Ingrid Kolstoe is a 41 year old mother of three girls who was just recently diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer (low grade serous ovarian carcinoma). She recently had surgery and is going to be starting chemotherapy. We talk about how she feels about being diagnosed with a rare cancer at such a young age, her experience with the National Cancer Institute Rare Tumor Initiative, the importance of genetic testing and the effect this diagnosis has had on her family. 


What we mention on this episode/great resources:

General information on ovarian cancer

Types and stages of ovarian cancer

Rare ovarian tumors (including low grade serous ovarian carcinoma)

Chemotherapy for ovarian cancer

NCI Rare Diseases ResearchGenomic profiling through Foundation Medicine

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