Episode 5: Dr. Amy Smith-Morris (Ovarian Cancer at 30)


“Being 30 and diagnosed with cancer, I would go to support groups and be the youngest by 20, 30 years. It makes it really difficult to identify with this other group of cancer fighters because they don’t have the same problems” – Dr. Amy Smith-Morris

Dr. Amy Smith-Morris is a cancer pharmacist turned cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age of 30, right after she returned from her honeymoon in Italy. When she started undergoing chemotherapy, she live streamed her treatments answering viewer questions — since then, she has continued to share her experiences through various media and social media channels. On this episode, we talk about how her experience as a cancer pharmacist affected her as a patient, how cancer changed her as a person (and that it’s okay to just say no sometimes), and finally, the importance of advocating for yourself.

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What we mention on this episode/great resources:

Amy’s Interview with Huffington Post

Cancer Foundation of Saskatchewan: Amy’s Story


Cancer-Related Fatigue

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