Episode 11: Dr. Tali Lando Aranoff (Breast Cancer at 36)

Dr. Tali Lando Aranoff is a a full time pediatric ENT surgeon, a mom of 3 young girls and a breast cancer survivor. Her story began when she felt a lump in her breast the night before her father was due to have surgery for a malignant brain tumor. On today’s episode, she talks about the journey that ensued, how she decided on her course of treatment, her experience of being a wife, mother and physician while going through cancer treatment and the effects it had on her life both during and after treatment. Her book, Hell and Back: Wife & Mother, Doctor & Patient, Dragon Slayer, is a raw and honest account of what breast cancer treatment is really like. It will make you both laugh and cry. During our conversation, she discusses why she wrote the book and what the world of publishing is really like. Although there are so many incredible breast cancer books out there, go read hers– you won’t be disappointed!IMG_7601

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