60. Gila Pfeffer (Breast Cancer Previvor & Survivor)

Join host, Dr. Eleonora Teplinsky, as she speaks with Gila Pfeffer. Gila is a writer, freelance journalist, mother of four teens, a wife, a New Yorker living in London and a breast cancer previvor and survivor. Gila has a strong family history of cancer and had been found to have a BRCA gene mutation. She had made the decision to undergo a preventive double mastectomy but at the time of her surgery, was actually diagnosed with breast cancer. We talk about how her family history has shaped her future, the decisions and choices she made surrounding her treatment, discussions about cancer with her children, relationships between oncologists and patients, and so much more. This conversation brings some humor to an often dark topic and absolutely worth listening to. You can follow both Gila (@gilapfeffer) and Dr. Teplinsky (@drteplinsky) on Instagram.

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  1. wow. great conversation. breast cancer is hard enough without the added element of the BRCA mutation. i love gila’s attitude and feel like she would be an awesome person to have a cocktail with! thank you.

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