86. Emily Pareti (Incorporating Eastern Medicine as a Cancer Thriver)

On today’s episode, I am speaking with Emily Pareti. Emily was originally diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma back in 2010 and underwent chemotherapy at the age of 18. She had a relapse in 2017 when she was living in Hawaii and is now cancer-free. Emily talks about how her treatment led her to discover her body in new ways. She became a certified yoga instructor and started integrating Eastern medicine practices, exercise and nutrition to help her body and mind heal. She shares her experiences with acupuncture, cupping, yoga, meditation, reiki, myofascial release, and following a plant-based diet. She talks about how she got to the point where she is no longer afraid of recurrence, how she chooses to live in the present moment and what the next chapter of life will look like, as she is now pregnant with her first child. You can find out more about Emily on her website or on Instagram.

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