109. Rori Zura (Breast Cancer Survivor, Cancer Exercise Specialist, &Founder of Foobs and Fitness)

On today’s episode, I am speaking with Rori Zura. Rori is a triple negative breast cancer survivor who used fitness to help navigate both cancer treatment and the unknown after cancer. She became a certified personal trainer and a cancer exercise specialist. Rori is the owner and founder of Foobs and Fitness, where she aims to educate and empower those affected by cancer on living a more active lifestyle before, during and after diagnosis. She works individually with patients to provide them with a safe and customized training program that corresponds to where they are in their cancer diagnosis and treatment journey. Today, Rori talks about her personal experiences during treatment and how she found her way back after her bilateral mastectomy, the work that she does as a cancer exercise specialist, and shares how she uses mindset and harmony during those hard times.

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