111. Mary Jane Glade, DNP (Breast Cancer Risk & Genetic Testing)

On today’s episode, I am speaking with Mary Jane Glade. Mary Jane is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and received her Doctorate of Nursing Practice from Creighton University where she focused on identification and management of women at high risk for breast cancer. Her experience is in family practice, rural medicine, women’s health OB/GYN, cancer genetics and cancer risk assessment. Mary Jane is an advocate for preventive medicine and is certified in cancer genetics and risk assessment. She currently practices in Lincoln, Nebraska where she started a high risk breast cancer and high risk genetics clinic and also coordinates a multidisciplinary breast cancer clinic to expedite and optimize care for women. On today’s episode, we discuss how to determine your breast cancer risk, everything you have ever wanted to know about genetic testing, what you can do at a young age if you’re high risk but not screening yet for breast cancer and much more.

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