118. Biopsy and Beyond with the Breast Experts

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and on today’s episode, I am chatting with four other breast experts who are part of the care team for a patient going through breast cancer treatment. (This is the audio from an Instagram Live on 10/13/2022 so you can also watch the video on IG!). Our experts are: Dr. Robyn Roth, breast radiologist (@theboobiedocs), Dr. Jovita Oruwari, breast surgeon (@DrJovita_O.md), Dr. Eleonora Teplinsky (I am a breast medical oncologist, @drteplinsky), Dr. Amanda Rivera, breast radiologist (@mandarivsmd) and Dr. Dhivya Srinivasa, plastic surgeon (@drdhivyasrinivasa). Take a listen as we go through the top tips and facts we want people to know and answer a lot of great questions!

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