129. Roberta Lombardi, President and Founder of Infinite Strength

On today’s episode, I am speaking with Roberta Lombardi. Roberta is a breast cancer survivor and early stage ally to the MBC community. She began Infinite Strength in 2018 to provide single mothers in active treatment for breast cancer with financial and emotional support. As the nonprofit grew, she understood the unique needs patients with MBC had and the lack of support and access to care for some groups. Infinite Strength is the only breast cancer nonprofit in the country that provides six months of recurring financial grants for single moms with MBC, while also providing support to their children. While the nonprofit is Connecticut based, Infinite Strength supports women living with metastatic breast cancer from all over the country. On today’s episode, Roberta shares how she started Infinite Strength, the work they are doing now and what’s next in the future.

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