131. Beth Browning (Biologist and Runner Living with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer)

On today’s episode, I am speaking with Beth Browning. Beth is a biologist, a mom of 2, a runner, and is living with stage 4 ovarian cancer. She was training for the Chicago Marathon in June 2021 when she felt a lump under her arm. She was initially suspected to have breast cancer but was ultimately diagnosed with ovarian cancer. One of the first questions that she asked her oncologist was “Can I still run the marathon?” Beth talks about her treatment which has included chemotherapy, surgery, and maintenance treatment with Avastin and Lynparza (a PARP inhibitor). She tells us about running and training during treatment and whether or not she made it to the start line of the Chicago Marathon. Beth also talks about what it is like to live with a stage 4 diagnosis and the pressure she sometimes feels to “live her best life.”

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