133. Chelsey Gomez (Artist known as “Ohyouresotough”, Author, Advocate and Cancer Survivor )

Welcome back to the Interlude Podcast. You are listening to Episode 133, a conversation with Chelsey Gomez.

On today’s episode, I am speaking with Chelsey Gomez, the artist known as “Ohyouresotough.” She is a two time survivor of Hodgkin lymphoma and owns a non traditional cancer brand of the same name, “Ohyouresotough” which emphasizes humor as a way to cope with cancer and chronic illness. Chelsey uses her art to advocate for the AYA (adolescent and young adult) cancer community and the cancer community as a whole. She has also published several children’s books and adult coloring books focusing on various aspects of cancer. Chelsey talks about how her cancer diagnosis and treatment led her to realize what was lacking in the cancer community, how that prompted her to make her first drawing to express what she really felt about having cancer (rather than what other people told her she should feel) and how it transformed from a sketch to her work now. We speak about the language that we use around cancer, how phrases like “let me know how I can help” can be unintentionally hurtful, the importance of communication in the doctor-patinet relationship, mental health, social media, financial toxicity, and so much more. You can find Chelsey on social media @ohyouresotough or on her website http://www.ohyouresotough.com.

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