Episode 9: Dr. Jennifer Driscoll (Breast Cancer at 39)

Dr. Jennifer Driscoll was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 39 years old. She had left medicine six months prior to her diagnosis to spend more time with her young children. She was taking her daughter out to lunch to celebrate the first day of kindergarten when she got the call telling her she had breast cancer and life changed forever. Jennifer is a writer and and on today’s episode, we talk about how she wrote one of her books during treatment, how writing was an outlet for her, and what she is working on next. We discuss so many important topics — how to tell your children you have been diagnosed with cancer, radiation fatigue, chemo brain, book publishing and the “warrior” mentality of breast cancer treatment. Finally, she talks about finding support, what it’s like being on the other side as a patient rather than a physician and how it is so important to never feel alone.


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What we talk about on today’s episode/great resources:

BRCA Mutations: Cancer Risk and Genetic Testing

How to tell a child that a parent has cancer

Jennifer’s Books on Amazon

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  1. It was great to hear from Dr. Jennifer. She is very straight forward. Loved hearing what she learned ‘along the way’! I pray for a happy, healthy, long life for her.
    I’m a fan of the interludecancerstories. Well done! Thank you.

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