Episode 19: Lauren Chiarello (Hodgkin Lymphoma at 23)

“This is a story of resilience.” – Lauren Chiarello

Lauren was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma at the age of 23. She was initially treated with chemotherapy and was told she was in remission. However, the disease returned and she required more chemotherapy and subsequently, a stem cell transplant. She is now disease-free — 10 years later! Since that time, Lauren created NYC-based Chi Chi Life which blends her three passions of fitness, fundraising and events and cancer advocacy. On today’s episode, Lauren talks about the importance of movement (and provides some really helpful exercise advice!), how she is giving back to the cancer community through her work, and the challenges that adolescents and young adults with cancer face (fertility, family planning, relationships and so much more – Lauren’s resources for young adult cancer survivors is incredibly comprehensive and very helpful).

IMG_9844 (Photo reposted with permission by Lauren Chiarello | Photo by Diana Davis Creative)

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