Episode 20: Brianna Wagner (Low Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer at 37)

Brianna was diagnosed with low grade serous ovarian cancer (a very rare form of ovarian cancer) at the age of 37. She was treated with surgery, chemotherapy and is now on a maintenance therapy with a medication called letrozole. On today’s episode, Brianna talks about her treatment as well as the side effects that she experienced during treatment and is still dealing with today. She talks a lot about how significant events in her life — her son’s life and death, living with depression, and finding and meeting her birth parents — framed her cancer experience. She is an advocate for ovarian cancer and is doing some incredible work to spread the word about early detection.

-MG-3067(Photo reposted with permission by Brianna Wagner)

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What we mentioned on this episode:


Elly Mayday

The Happy Turtle Foundation

Brianna’s Story on Cure Our Ovarian Cancer

First Descents

Mary’s Place By the Sea

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