Episode 25: Vanessa Steil (Thyroid Cancer at 26)

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Vanessa Steil was 26 years old when a routine visit to the doctor led to the finding of a thyroid nodule and ultimately, a diagnosis of thyroid cancer. She had a thyroidectomy (surgery to remove her thyroid) and is now a 6 year cancer survivor.

On today’s episode, she talks about how her diagnosis led her to start a blog called Living in Steil and ultimately, led down her a path to becoming a patient advocate, wellness blogger and social media and public relations manager for a pancreatic cancer foundation in NY.

She focuses on how her perspective on living changed since the diagnosis, why she made the treatment decisions that she did, and her new focus on nutrition, wellness and healthy living.

After listening to today’s episode, I highly recommend checking out more of Vanessa’s story in the upcoming book, TOUGH: Women Who Survived Cancer,  written by Marquina Iliev-Piselli, who was also a guest on the podcast several weeks ago.

IMG_2522(Phototograph and permission to post provided by Vanessa Steil)

What We Discussed on Todays’ Episode/Helpful Links:

Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association

American Thyroid Association

Thyroid Yoga – Fern Olivia

Essential Oils by Fern Olivia

Calm – Meditation Techniques

Seed Phytonutrients

Humanly Our Story

Inspire: Together We’re Better

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Vapour Beauty

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