Episode 29: Expert Perspectives on Nutrition During Cancer Treatment & Beyond

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This week’s episode is a special collaboration focusing on nutrition during cancer treatment and beyond. On this episode, I am joined by guests:

Izabela Gardula (Instagram) (Breast Cancer Survivor)

Nichole Giller (Instagram | Facebook) (Oncology Dietitian)

Dr. Jessica Taff (Instagram | Website) (Hematologist/Oncologist)

Dr. Karine Tawagi (Instagram | Twitter) (Hematology/Oncology Fellow)

On today’s episode, we discuss the importance of nutrition in cancer treatment and beyond and guiding principles behind living your healthiest lifestyle. Some highlights from our conversation include:

1) How to make small changes that make a meaningful impact on your health (such as adding one more vegetable a day and parking farther away from your destination).

2) How to respond to all those well-meaning people who tell you that you MUST try this vitamin, juice, supplement, miracle cancer cure etc.

3) The importance of communication and collaboration with your entire health care team.

4)Your nutrition does not always have to be “perfect.” Healthy is different things to different people on different days and that’s absolutely OKAY.

We hope you listen and enjoy this episode (and then go follow all these women on social media because they are incredible and doing amazing things in this space!)

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