Episode 28: Cancer, Nutrition and Living a Healthy Lifestyle

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After a brief hiatus, the INTERLUDE Podcast is back! I have another solo episode for you today and today, I am talking all about cancer, nutrition and how to live a healthy lifestyle. Although there are some things on this episode that are specific to patients going through cancer treatment and/or cancer survivors, most of what I talk about is really applicable to anyone who is looking to live a healthier life.

Here’s what I talk about on today’s episode: 

Recommendations for a healthy lifestyle (2:00)

How to fit exercise into your life (3:27)

Alcohol and cancer risk (7:25)

An overview of nutrition and cancer (9:39)

Eating during chemotherapy treatment (12:10)

Nutrition and preparing to start cancer treatment (15:47) 

Staying flexible and adapting your nutrition during cancer treatment (18:21)                                                       

What to eat during cancer treatment (19:17)

Nutrition for the cancer survivor (and again, this is really for anyone who wants to live a healthier life) (21:55)

Do you need to eat organic? (30:56) 

What about soy (32:34)

Can I eat dairy? (33:16)

A few really important take home points (37:55)

There is no one diet that’s right for everyone (39:30)

You can’t prevent cancer through food but you can reduce your risk (40:50)

Three changes I am making for my health today (41:50)

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