Episode 27: All About Vitamins & Supplements

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This week, things are a little different on the INTERLUDE Podcast. Episode 27 is a solo episode and I am talking all about vitamins & supplements as there are so many questions around this topic! (I answered as many questions as possible but there may be a part 2 coming).

Here’s the outline of today’s episode:

Macronutrients (1:40)/micronutrients (3:10) in your body

Sodium (3:25)

Calcium/Vitamin D (4:50)

Iron (14:00)

B Vitamins (18:35)

Soy (22:15)

Turmeric (24:24)

The BOTTOM Line (25:55)


Vitamin C & cancer (27:00)

What is better: dissolvable vitamins or pill form (28:17)

What is the hype of all these supplements and vitamins and cancer. Does it really do anything? (29:10)

Why can’t you take vitamins during chemotherapy (30:10)

Does the fruit soursop/paw paw have healing properties? (33:50)

What adaptogens should I take (34:20)

What about fish oil (36:16)

Flaxseed (38:17)

Essential oils (39:20)

Absorption of vitamins (41:41)

Three take home points (42:28)

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