Episode 32: Sarah Panfil (Breast Cancer at 37)

Sarah Panfil is a 38 year old Executive Recruiter who lives in Cleveland, Ohio with her husband and six year old daughter. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2018.  On today’s episode, she shares her experiences of going through breast cancer surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and endocrine (hormone) therapy (Lupron and an aromatase inhibitor). We talk about what it’s like to be diagnosed with cancer while having a young child at home, her experience with menopause at such a young age, the effect cancer has on a marriage, how to deal with all the media messages about cancer and the chances she has made in her life after diagnosis (reiki and yoga are some) and so much more. (One tip that didn’t make it onto the episode but really helped Sarah was blasting music to give her energy). She is uplifting and inspiring and provides an incredible insight as to what it’s like to live (and truly live) while going through cancer treatment.

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SarahPanfil(Photo and permission to post provided by Sarah Panfil)

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