62. Dr. Meggie Smith and Dr. Jaime Knopman (All About Fertility & Cancer)

On today’s episode, I am speaking with Drs. Meggie Smith and Jaime Knopman. Both are reproductive endocrinologists and fertility specialists. Dr. Meggie Smith is based out of Nashville, Tennessee and Dr. Jaime Knopman is the Director of Fertility Preservation for CCRM New York. She is also the Chief Medical Officer of the Chick Mission, an amazing organization whose mission is to ensure that every young woman newly diagnosed with cancer has the option and means to preserve fertility. On this episode, we talk about everything related to cancer and fertility — egg preservation, IVF and cancer risk, pregnancy after cancer and much more. We also discuss the Chick Mission’s upcoming virtual race to raise money for fertility preservation – sign up now at https://www.racelikeagirl.org – race kicks off on Mother’s Day and goes through Women’s Health Week!

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