101. Marissa Thomas (Breast Cancer Survivor and Co-Founder of For The Breast Of Us)

On today’s episode, I am speaking with Marissa Thomas. Marissa was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 at the age of 35. As she went through treatment, she turned to social media to connect with other women and found that there was no dedicated online community for women of color. In 2019, she attended the Young Survival Coalition Summit and at that meeting, Marissa connected with Jasmine Souers, who she had previously met online – and For The Breast Of Us was born- the first inclusive breast cancer community for women of color. On today’s episode, Marissa shares her story and how The Breast Of Us has grown from an online blog to an incredible community, a book, podcast and so much more. We also talk about both the benefits and dangers of social media, advocacy burnout, and the critical importance of empowerment and advocacy.

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