144. Shari Todd (Thriving After Breast and Colon Cancer)

On today’s episode, I am speaking with Shari Todd. Shari is a 48 year old mom of two and was diagnosed with stage 2 ER+/PR+/HER2- invasive ductal carcinoma in January 2022. She went through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and is currently on endocrine therapy. At the end of radiation, she developed rectal bleeding and was diagnosed with an early stage colon cancer and required surgery.
On today’s episode, we talk about her triumphs and struggles in survivorship, hitting her lowest point mentally, experiencing severe depression and fear of recurrence. She talks about her experiences with mindset training and seeing an oncologist trauma therapist that has helped her with her mental health, staying present and managing anxiety in social situations. Shari is an endurance athlete and speaks about her fitness both during and after active treatment. I think this episode is a true testament of what life after cancer is like and I urge you to take a listen! You can find Shari on Instagram @sharithrives to connect more with her.

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